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Andy Raab

Personal Trainer & Coach


+49 (0) 1525 7675073

E-mail address


Hermann-Geib-Str. 18

93053 Regensburg

birth date

10. November 1977

"I try to help as many people as possible
to stay healthy and fit. This is my daily inspiration."

The beginning

My passion for sports began at the age of 5, when the Asian martial arts Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Zen Do Karate came into my life. Of course, I also tried other sports such as handball, football and ice hockey, but martial arts captured my heart and has remained an integral part of my routine to this day. So it was clear that sooner or later I would be interested in strength training, since the heroes of my youth (Bruce Lee, Stallone and co.) were muscular. After achieving my first master's degree in karate, I gained my first experience as a trainer when I started giving martial arts lessons to young people. While I continued to train at competition level, I started strength training at the same time because I needed more muscles due to a spinal disease, otherwise my problems and injuries would keep coming back.

The next step

In order not to appear ignorant and without a plan, I graduated from SAFS & BETA Academy my first training, fitness trainer B license. After further training and further education in the areas of nutrition, I completed the course to become a physical education teacher via distance learning. This was followed by training to become a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and Pilates and yoga teacher. As the first Exercise Science Specialist (ASPI) and Physique and Bodybuilding Coach (NASM) in Germany, I am always up to date with the latest sports and nutritional sciences through constant training and education. Daily reading of specialist literature and consumption of evidence-based media are also normal for me. In order to gain this knowledge, in the hope of being able to help my clients, I became self-employed 18 years ago and at the same time founded Regensburg's first private fitness studio, the turnRAUM.

My vision as a coach

is to support my client in becoming exactly the person he/she wants to be. Because every person is a unique individual and only a holistic approach can lead to lasting success.

Andy Raab


  • Diploma in movement education

  • Fitness Specialist (IST)

  • Excersise Science Specialist (Aspi The Muscle PHD)

  • Physique and Bodybuilding Coach (NASM)

  • Performance Coach Mentorship (Athletes Performance)

  • CF 1 Trainer (Crossfit)

  • Performance Diagnostic Coach (IFAA)

  • Progressive Calisthenics Instructor (Dragondoor)

  • Certified Natural Movement Trainer (Movnat)

  • Master Trainer (Power Plate)

  • Certified Fundamentals Of Human Movement Instructor (Steve Maxwell)

  • Certified Joint Mobility Instructor (Steve Maxwell)

  • Indoor Cycling Instructor (Tomahawk)

  • Personal Food Coach (SAFS BETA)

  • Boxing Instructor (SAFS BETA)

  • Mountain bike instructor (Austrian Cycling Association)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (SAFS BETA)

  • Certified Nutritionist (SAFS BETA)

  • Fitness Trainer A License (BSA)

  • Pn Level 1 Coach (Precision Nutrition)

  • Yoga teacher (Vinyasa Yoga Academy)

  • Pilates teacher (STOTT)

  • Trx Trainer (TRX)

  • Trx Rehabilitation Trainer (TRX)

  • Karate teacher (DKV)

  • Body Pump Instructor (Lesmills)

  • Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor (Dragondoor)

  • Kettlebell Competition (IKFF)

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