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Online Coaching

Online coaching is an effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Through my virtual platform you have the unique opportunity to work with me in person from anywhere in the world. Receive weekly tailored training sessions and see your progress in real time. Additionally, you get unlimited text and email support as well as monthly Zoom calls directly with me. Train wherever and whenever you want with my online personal training.



All online coaching programs are written specifically for you after you first provide me with information about your current training, nutrition, goals and history.


For whom?

Are you looking for individual programs that are tailored specifically to you? Have you reached a plateau or are you not sure how to take your performance in life to the next level? Then I suggest you find out more about my online coaching.


Why is it right for you?

After collecting initial screening information about your current training goals, nutritional goals and history, I will write your personal program. Coaching includes video feedback, online tracking via app and progress analysis. It also includes weekly progress updates, unlimited messaging, ongoing feedback and recommendations, updates to your programs, and help and support through the various ups and downs that life brings. As soon as I have had the opportunity to look at your intake form (which comes directly after the purchase), I will contact you and give you my recommendations for optimal cooperation.

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    Valid for 6 months
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    Every month

Dr. Renate Eichhorn

Profound knowledge, brilliant technology, excellent didactics, that's what training with Andy is all about. It would be difficult to find a better one! I am very happy to have found my way here.
  • What is the difference between personal & fitness training?
    In personal training, the focus is on individual support - because every person is unique. My motto is therefore: “To each his own”. My goal is to offer you the best possible support by combining functional training with elements that you enjoy. In contrast to conventional fitness studios, where you often train on given equipment where you have to act independently, in personal training I primarily rely on exercises with your own body weight and free weights. These exercises activate several muscle groups at the same time and produce effective results in a short time. I correct and motivate you to get the most out of your training. With me you get tailor-made solutions instead of standard programs.
  • What makes training with a personal trainer so effective?
    The exercises are tailored precisely to your individual performance level. In the personal training sessions you not only have an expert at your side, but also a motivating companion who will help you overcome your inner resistance and get the best out of yourself.
  • What else can a personal trainer help me with?
    A personal trainer can not only help here on site in Regensburg, but also online and all over the world. You are not tied to my studio; but you are welcome to switch to the online coaching option. In addition, all of my coaches are experts in posture (Pilates, yoga & back training) and will help you literally strengthen your back in every training session. Through a variety of mobilization and strength exercises, your back pain will soon be a thing of the past.
  • How much does the check-up cost me?
    When you buy a package of 10 or 20, the check up is free. If you don't want to commit and prefer single tickets, the check up will be billed as a single hour.
  • What happens if I have to cancel my appointments at short notice?
    Cancellations up to 24 hours before the appointment are free of charge. You can then arrange a new appointment straight away. If you have to cancel within the last 24 hours of the appointment, you will be charged for the appointment. Unfortunately, our trainers are usually unable to find a replacement in such a short time, which leads to a complete loss.
  • How long are my personal training packages valid?
    The validity period of your 10-cards is 4 months and that of the 20-cards is 8 months. My goal is to motivate you to train with me regularly so that you get the best possible results and achieve your goals.
  • Can I share my personal training lessons with my friends?
    Yes, you always have the opportunity to share your personal training hours with friends or your partner. However, if there are specific concerns or pains that differ from those of your partner, it makes sense to initially take separate lessons in order to create an individual basis. After a thorough anamnesis and individual support, you can then get started together. Cost of PT Buddy Packages You can book my PT buddy packages for 10 or 20 hours together. Each of you only pays €67 per person for the 20-pack or €74.50 per person for the 10-pack. Suffer together ;-)
  • How do I start in turnRAUM?
    FIRST CONTACT Our personal training begins with a relaxed and non-binding initial consultation with Andy. Here you have the opportunity to receive detailed advice and discuss which coach is best for you and your goals. Based on a thorough medical history, Andy will then recommend the ideal coach to you. SECOND CONTACT We will then be happy to arrange a joint training session (including a check-up) with your chosen coach. My goal is that you feel in good hands here at turnRAUM. I look forward to getting to know you!
  • Why should I book personal training at turnRAUM?
    Are you wondering why you should come to the turnRAUM? Here are some reasons why our personal training studio is the perfect choice for you: Highly qualified personal trainers and movement educators who are there for you with passion, reliability and specialist knowledge. A unique atmosphere in a stylish gym that will inspire and motivate you. Exclusive support in the turnRAUM for an individual training experience. Training in a spacious area of 175 square meters just for you. Free supply of filtered water, coffee & shakes for your refreshment. Changing room, rainwater shower & towel service for your convenience. Free parking spaces in the yard so you can get to us stress-free. Just come by and let’s get started together!
  • Your advantages compared to a conventional fitness studio!
    Highest quality of care in an exclusive atmosphere In addition to individual 1:1 or 1:2 support, you can expect generous freedom in our private studio in Regensburg. Not only in our training room, but also in the cozy waiting area. Functional training In contrast to conventional fitness studios in Regensburg, your session does not take place in the usual course schedule or in cramped additional rooms. With us, no one trains in isolation, but always under the guidance of a competent personal trainer. The studio and the equipment are exclusively available to you and your trainer. With us there are no waiting times for the equipment or uncomfortable proximity on the mats - exclusive support is our top priority.
  • Can I lose weight more effectively with a coach?
    Sustainable results without the yo-yo effect I don't make unrealistic crash promises for quick results within a few days. My goal is to work with you to develop strategies for everyday life in order to achieve and maintain long-term changes in your weight without succumbing to the yo-yo effect. 100% motivation, nutritional advice and effective workouts I offer you unlimited motivation, professional nutritional advice and targeted training sessions for metabolic activation and muscle building. Your coach will design the lessons individually according to your goals. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive a tailor-made training plan for your own training sessions outside of personal coaching. The more consistently you exercise outside of training with your personal trainer and create a calorie deficit, the faster you will lose body fat and reach your fitness goals. Let's start together!


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