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Cardio or weights training...?

Some people like to argue about whether cardio or weights are better for your health. This is not a debate, because both have advantages and you should do what you enjoy most and what helps you achieve your goals.

Cardio or weights
However, if you do both, it's fair to question whether you need to prioritize one form of training over the other. A recent review of 19 studies analyzing “training order” found that strength is more likely to decline when it comes second in a workout.

If you do strength training followed by cardio, you won't see a large decrease in endurance or aerobic capacity compared to starting with cardio. However, if you do cardio before lifting weights, you will notice a noticeable decrease in strength. Another short infe. It appears that cardio before strength training didn't have too much of an impact on strength for programs that lasted less than 8 weeks. While anything longer than 8 weeks resulted in a greater loss of strength. Conclusion: You will likely achieve the best results if you prioritize your goals and start your training with the main focus.

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