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Ice bathing!

Currently everywhere on social media, whether it's influencers, fitness athletes, MMA athletes and even your neighbor - everyone seems to be diving into tubs of ice or cold water. But is the hype worth thinking about?

The ice bathing trend
Ice bathing
If your goal is to build muscle, research suggests that the ice tub post-workout can negatively impact growth.

It appears that the cold reduces some of the inflammatory responses that occur after resistance training and play a role in building muscle mass. But that doesn't mean the cold doesn't have benefits. It can potentially help with recovery and make you feel better. But the question is whether the compromise is worth it. If your goal is to maximize muscle growth, it's best to schedule ice bathing on your rest days. If muscle growth isn't your primary goal, research suggests that ice bathing appears to be fine and may increase recovery and performance somewhat (reducing pain and inflammation, increasing strength and flexibility), although not always by a lot . If you want to experiment with ice bathing, it seems to be helpful to use water at around 10 degrees Celsius for 10 to 30 minutes within 48 hours of exercise. However, keep in mind that ice bathing cannot replace the basics (sleep, stress and stress management, nutrition) and should only be viewed as one tool in your toolbox.

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